No story, nothing… Vi människor har i alla tider använt berättelsen, för att försöka förstå vår samtid och världen runtomkring oss. En berättelse förmedlar något djupt mänskligt, “we are wired for story”, den sätter nämligen ord på känslor.

Jag heter Petra Dokken, är journalist och storyteller. 

“Petra Dokken is like our house poet — a writer with the rare ability to find and communicate the life, spirit, and sensibility of a place.” – Pavia Rosati, Founder of Fathom; New York

“Petra is an incredible story-teller, always digging out the interesting details and creating stories that are both original and captivating, and in turn engages far-reaching audiences.” – Kate Bell, Senior Account Director, Purple PR, London

”Petra has been reporting for my publications and the PantoneView website for several years. Her work is as full of character and individualism as the author herself. She really gives you a genuine insight into what’s happening in her part of the world plus the unexpected!” – David Shah, International Trend Forecaster and Publisher; Amsterdam